Quality factory-direct home sales since 1966.


David P.

We didn’t think we could get a two story house unless we went through a local contractor. We designed our own plan and now have one of the nicer homes in our neighborhood.

James B.

We just moved into our third Design Home. We shopped around like everyone else does, but nothing else even came close to what we wanted. Our local builder didn’t even return our calls.

Gordon B.

We always thought factory homes were, generally, little square boxes. We were wrong. We checked out some of the model homes that were on display and were blown away. They really are just like stick-built.

Marcella F.

We were going to “stick-build” a new house. We didn’t even think about other ideas, but when we asked our local contractor for a quote, we were shocked at the price. We looked online and found Design Homes and ended up saving nearly $40,000!