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Customer Responsibilities

A Team Effort

While Design Homes makes the process of building a brand new home easier and more affordable, there are still some things that you must do to prepare your property for delivery and placement of the house. Below is an overview of things you’ll be responsible for as we go through the process. Our sales staff will also discuss this with you as you meet with them.

The Customer is Responsible For...

  • Basement or crawlspace is completed according to our blueprint – and backfilled to old ground level.
  • Foundation is accessible to the crane – including removal of dirt piles, snow, trees, or limbs.
  • Treated 2×8 sill plate bolted to the top of the foundation wall with the bolts countersunk and flush.
  • Steel adjustable support posts according to our print.
  • Porches, decks, steps & walks, cement work, and all excavation, landscaping, rain gutters, and dryer vent.
  • All plumbing connections in basement – including water heater installation – with required leak testing performed by others.
  • Homeowner insurance after placement
  • All fuel lines and the initial startup of gas-related appliances is performed by others. (Furnace, fireplace, dryer, range, etc)
  • Financing confirmed to meet COD payment terms.
  • Removal of construction debris after completion.
  • Walls & ceilings are spray textured with plaster. Any desired painting is by others.
  • Fastening of home to the sill plate and installation of radon & moisture mitigation systems.
  • All utility connections after the home placement.
  • All local permits by others.
  • On-site electrical hookups, overhead garage doors, and garage wiring by others.
  • Note: In some areas and with certain homes, we are not permitted to install the heating system. In this instance, it is up to the customer to arrange for furnace installations.