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In the real world, essentially everyone knows that a site-built home will nearly always have cost overruns.  These are added expenses that were not originally quoted by the contractor, but which...for various reasons, make your overall costs 15% to 20% higher than "expected".  These cost overruns have become "standard procedure" these days.  Most lenders approve (and sometimes reject) loans only with these overruns in mind as an inevitable likelihood.

Design Homes has always offered premium custom homes with FIXED PRICES!  This means NO COST OVERRUNS...EVER!!!

This might seem like sales hype to some people.  We say...ask around.  Cost overruns are a fact of life...BUT NOT AT DESIGN HOMES! We firmly believe that people should get the very best home their budget allows...with NO unexpected expenses, NO "inevitable" financing frustrations, and NO loan rejections due to hidden costs that aren't even real.


Our Biggest Advantage!!!


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