Design Homes, Inc.

Design Homes has been producing quality custom-built, factory-direct homes since 1966.  We deliver to most states in the upper midwest, and feature the best construction specs available.  By selling factory direct, we are able to include more than other builders, and allow customized floorplans for free.  We have a policy of low-pressure sales and our employees take pride in their midwestern work ethic.  Our salespeople are courteous, knowledgeable, and competent, and we believe you will find our home buying process unique and fun.


Nearly all factory-built homes are sold through dealers that act as general contractors for your entire project.  While this appears to be a convenience for buyers, it is actually quite expensive and built into the price of the home.  We believe that the homebuyer is quite capable of hiring a plumber and concrete contractor instead of letting a dealer do it--you avoid double mark-ups and keep your overall cost down.  By building some of the home in our factory, we are able to keep the home dry during construction and have better quality control.  Our quantity purchasing-direct from the various manufacturers-keeps the price per sq. ft. low, and eliminating the dealer means you don't have to pay a "middleman" to be involved.  As a sideline benefit, we are able to allow customers to design their own floorplans at no extra charge.


We invite all prospective new home shoppers to visit our display home locations to view models and ask questions with no pressure.  Our factory is also open for factory tours weekdays at 11:30 in Prairie du Chien, WI.

We at Design Homes are very pleased to be a part of your new home plans.  We will do everything we possibly can to make your project the best possible value and a very pleasant experience.  Thank you for your interest.


Design Homes, Inc.


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