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Design Homes is now beginning its 53rd year in business. At the end of each year, Design Homes has an annual review to see what we can change to make our homes better.  We have completed that review and will make a number of changes/improvements for next year.

This review studies all service calls to see what we can change to reduce problems. We ask the purchasing department to see if we can

purchase products in bigger quantities to make improvements. During this review process we check standards used by competitors to assure

we exceed the state code and our competitors standards.


Every home has documentation to verify that each stage of production is inspected.  Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating have in plant inspections and documentation by our quality control.  A  state approved independent inspection agency inspects every home to assure that it meets state codes.


In 1967 our main competitors used 2” fiberglass insulation in walls and 3” in ceilings.  We chose to use twice as much insulation.  Today we use

R-20 walls and R-55 in the ceiling which exceeds state codes.


25 years ago we used a standard roof shingle and had many service calls due to wind damage and had to repair these homes. By changing to the heavier and more expensive shingles we avoided the problem and improved customer satisfaction.  Our savings on service calls actually made the more expensive shingles cost less.  We use only the best quality lumber, materials, and brands.


New automobiles have made improvements for the past 100 years and today new cars last longer, are more fuel efficient and safer to drive.

We, too, have strived to make our homes better quality to last longer, more energy efficient, and more comfortable to live in.


Design Homes is one of very few companies that have had the same owners for over 50 years and we have worked hard to improve our homes every year.  Thanks for considering us and we are confident you will be happy with your new Design Home.



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